Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries

Are you a bakery or recipe website?

The answer is BOTH! Whisk & Fold started as a baking channel sharing recipe videos, but it has now evolved to include an online bakeshop selling some of our bakes! To find out more about our story, head to the About Us page.

I have a question about one of your recipes, how can I get help?

You can submit your recipe questions through the form here or send an email to contact@whisknfold.com

We will do our best to answer them within 3-5 days.

I would like to collaborate with Whisk & Fold, how can I connect with you?

We love collabs and are excited to hear what you have to propose. Please contact us directly at contact@whisknfold.com

Order Enquiries

How do I order a cake?

Cake orders are only accepted online. You may view our menu and order your cake directly from the Bakeshop.

Can I order something I saw on your recipe channel?

Items you see on the baking channel are not for sale. Those recipes are shared freely to encourage you to bake them yourself!

Only items in the Bakeshop can be ordered and recipes of those items are not shared. 

Can I customise a cake?

Custom cake orders are subject to baker's availability. Please contact us to discuss ahead of time.

Can I change the delivery date/address of my order?

Yes, we understand life happens sometimes. Please contact us with your order number to request for a change in delivery date or address. Do note that the change is subject to availability and the following cut-off timings:

Change of delivery date: at least 2 days before

Change of delivery address: at least 1 day before

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation is only allowed for duplicate orders that were made by accident.

Cake Enquiries

What is a magma cake?

A magma cake is a lava cake

Are your cakes and bakes Halal?

No, our kitchen is not Halal-certified. 

Do I need to put the Magma Cake in the refrigerator after it arrives?

Magma cakes are best eaten fresh on the day it is delivered/picked up. There is no need to refrigerate the cake if it is going to be eaten on the same day. However, if the cake is not to be consumed on the same day or if there are leftovers, please refrigerate and follow the reheating instructions provided to recreate the molten magma experience.

How long can the Magma cake last?

Magma Cake is best consumed within 2-3 days of delivery. You may enjoy it at room temperature on the day of delivery or enjoy it cold/reheated the next couple of days.